Friday, December 10, 2010


I've finally had to admit to myself that Isaac is indeed crawling.

And he wants absolutely everything he can get, except, of course, his own toys.

He is all over the place exploring. And he will not stop until he gets the dog's water or the plastic bags by the fridge.

Thank God for baby gates and my hallway and clean floor in the office. Yeesh!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Things I've found to be incredibly helpful...

Hilarious if not a bit... crude at points. ;) Thanks for the recommendation, Mallory!

So very very funny, never much cared for McCarthy but I've got to give it to her - she hit the pregnancy nail on the head with this one. Thanks for the rec, Julie!

Everybody, including my mother, recommended this one. And man, was it helpful! So many valuable (and blunt) pieces of information! :)

Once I actually had the little guy in my arms, we had quite the uphill battle with breastfeeding. This book had some valuable info. I took some of it with a grain of salt... it basically said nipple shields were the devil but if it weren't for those bad boys I would have given up breastfeeding altogether, I guarantee it. Now we do just fine without 'em. And my little 18 pounder is doing a-okay on his weight now even after a slow start.

This one was recommended by the oh-so-lovely Pamela Capps (prepared childbirth instructor and generally amazing supporter of moms). So far has been interesting, but I haven't gotten through all of it since I am most fascinated by reading about what my child is doing right here and now - and he's only 6 months old. So we've got a ways to go with this book.

I had no idea that my little guy would want to start interacting with toys, etc at such a young age. I believe we went out and bought this at around 3ish weeks when we started to notice he actually seemed bored when he was fussing, not just hungry or tired. This provided hours of entertainment and he still enjoys it from time to time. This will seem shameless, but I wish we had bought it on Amazon ahead of time to save $20 instead of shelling out for the jacked up Babies R Us price.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

6 Months

Wow. I really can't believe it's been 6 months already. 6 months of less sleep and less free time, and more joy, laughter, and love than I'd ever thought possible.

Thank God for my little bundle of blessings.

I love you, Isaac Xavier!
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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Murphy's Law at bedtime

First, he didn't fall asleep nursing. So I lay him down in his pack and play where he is content to pass his pacifier from one hand to the other as he gets sleepy.

Then I hear the all too familiar sound of the backside of the diaper getting filled. I wait a safe amount of time before taking him to change him.

Then I notice his nose is stuffy. Since daddy is watching a special he's been waiting for on tv, I don't bother him for the aspirator but pick Isaac up and bring him back with me (he is pulling my hair all the while) to grab it before going back to the changing table.

I saline and suction his nose sufficiently and move onto the code green in the diaper. As I have his feet up and am wiping him I hear the all too familiar gurgle erupting from the top half. He has really been practicing his raspberries so he must have done it right as the fountain of milk came up, because it went INTO HIS EYE.

Then he kinda looks like he's choking or has more coming, so I sit him up (back into the still open poopy diaper) to pat his back and make sure he's ok. 

Back to the diaper, when I realize he has spit up on his last clean pair of jammies. Oh well, they should be dry before it gets too cold in here.

At least he didn't pee on me.

But it's 10:19pm. And he is still awake. Barely. Here's hoping sleep finds him quickly.

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Belly button

It never ceases to amaze me when I look at his belly button that that is where he was connected to me.

And it is still weird to think that I grew this little person inside of my body. Amazingly weird.

Pretty sure he swiped a piece of my heart on his way out, too. :P

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sleeping through the night

Hmm... waking up at 2:30 sure does suck, but it makes waking up again at 6:45 easier than if I'd first been woken up at 5. Pros and cons, I suppose. Maybe someday he'll just sleep until 7 and we can put this whole internal debate to rest.

For now, coffee!

Friday, September 24, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things

1. The way he kicks repeatedly when he is lying there talking to the ceiling fan or playing with toys

2. The way he talks to the ceiling fan (or ceiling, or shelf above his bed, or... you get the idea)

3. His LAUGH

4. The way he grabs your face when you hold it over him and pulls it close for a "kiss"

5. The way he sometimes shrieks when he is doing #4

6. The way he smiles at me when he wakes up from a good nap

7. The way he curls his top lip in determination to reach for something

8. The fact that #7 usually involves reaching for a doggie

9. The way he grabs Scout's face and fur, and that she's so nice about letting him do it

10. His squeals of delight

11. His yawns

12. His sneezes

13. The way he leans forward a little in his carseat so he can watch out the window when we are driving


15. The fact that all I have to do is look at him pretty much and he smiles

16. The way his smile spreads slowly across his face

17. The way he smiles at his friends at "the office" (both offices)

18. The way he kicks and splashes in the bathtub

19. The way he holds on when I'm carrying him, like a little koala bear

20. The way he rubs his eyes when he is tired

Speaking of which, looks like it's time for a little morning nap. :)